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Active Members

Alan Freymuth, 
Russ Kleffner,
    Vice President
Tammy Brinker, 
Cindy Boschert
Kevin Box
Ron Ester
Tim Gaines
Mark Jones
Heather Schoppenhorst

Our History

	In June of 1997, ten of twelve full time
employees of the Warren County Ambulance District 
expressed a desire to be represented by the 
International Association of Fire Fighters. Nine of 
these ten employees were with the district when 
recognized as Missouriís 1995 Emergency Medical 
Service of the Year.  Several had been named as
Employees of the Month and two had been recognized 
as Employee of the Year by the District.  The ten 
employees averaged over three years of service to
the district.  The employees also had fire and EMS 
experience with other agencies averaging over four 

	In July 1997, nine paramedics were chartered
as members of Warren County Emergency Services, 
Local 3769.  The certification election was held 
February 13, 1998. The union members were victorious
by a count of 9-8 and certification of the election 
results is pending from the Board of Mediation.